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If you would like to see some of our current projects and work samples, please click on the links below.


Wichita Innovative Schools and Educators

Wichita Innovative Schools and Educators (WISE) is a professional network based in Wichita, Kansas, focused on transforming education through microschools and innovative educational practices. WISE empowers educators to lead and innovate while providing families with diverse educational options, ultimately giving parents more control over their children’s education. The network supports its community with events, resources, and a commitment to reclaiming education through innovation.

My Professional Website

Emmi McCabe is a digital content strategist and web designer specializing in educational and non-profit organizations. With a background as a history teacher, Emmi leverages her educational experience to create custom digital solutions that enhance online presence and engagement. Her services include tailored web design, content strategy, and creation, all aimed at connecting educational entities with their communities more effectively. Emmi’s work focuses on using digital tools to amplify educational missions and foster meaningful connections.

Learning History YouTube Channel

“Learning History” is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring historical events and themes in an engaging and educational manner. It features a diverse range of content from detailed documentaries to quick insights, aimed at both history enthusiasts and casual learners alike. The channel strives to bring history to life through compelling narratives and visuals, making it accessible to a global audience.

Sample Short-Form Videos for Social Media

Sample Blog Posts

The Best Ways to Increase Student Engagement


Sample Podcast Production

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